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Facial Treatments

Bespoke Facial Treatments

Step into a realm where your skin's needs are met with precision, and each treatment is a celebration of your unique beauty.  Embracing a holistic approach, we go beyond the surface to understand and address your unique skin concerns. Our commitment to excellence is reflected in the expertise of our skilled therapists, who delve into the intricacies of your skin through a meticulous skin analysis.

Drawing inspiration from the beauty of individuality, we craft a bespoke treatment plan tailored exclusively for you. This personalized approach ensures that every visit to Stone Foxx is not just part of your skincare routine, but a transformative experience. We believe in the power of understanding, and through our in-depth knowledge, we guide you towards radiant, healthy skin that reflects the true essence of you. At Stone Foxx, we invite you to experience the pinnacle of individualized skincare, where your journey to healthy, glowing skin begins.

Skin care. Woman with beauty face and he

The Flash Facial

Tailored for the first timers, teens, and your lunchtime quickie (Membership not applicable)

30 minutes


massage of face for woman in spa salon.jpg

The Touch Facial

Tailored for the massage lovers

60 minutes

Non-Member $185 | Member $150

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The Clinical Facial

Tailored for the high octane fans 

60 minutes

Non-Member $185 | Member $150

Black woman, flowers and beauty with face, makeup and natural cosmetic care isolated on st

The Botanical Facial

Tailored for the "natural" beauties

60 minutes

Non-Member $185 | Member $150

A la carte

Customize your own facial experience by adding on any one of our skin boosters

skin treatment with the dermaplaning technique performed with a scalpel by a beautician in


For a fuzz-free face

30 minutes


Young woman during facial microcurrent procedure, close-up view on face and special electr


Tighten + Tone

15 minutes


Young woman having LED light facial treatment in beauty salon.jpg


Harness the power of light

15 minutes


Beauty salon customer undergoing the hydrodermabrasion treatment_edited.png


Exfoliate, Polish + Renew

15 minutes


closeup portrait of lovely redheaded woman with closed eyes getting oxygen therapy in a be


Breathe life back into your skin

15 minutes


Woman in salon making beauty treatment with gua sha stone.jpg

Extended Massage

Gua Sha, Acupressure & Lymphatic Drainage

15 minutes



Correct, brighten, and hydrate are the cornerstone philosophies of our resurfacing treatments. Clients must receive at least one clinical facial and must be on a complete Lira skincare routine before scheduling a resurfacing treatment.  During the consultation and skin analysis, you and your facial therapist will discuss skin health goals in detail and determine the ideal protocol for your skin. Best results when done in a series of three. 

young woman face portrait with photo of her old skin.jpg

Resurfacing Treatment

60 minutes

Non-Member $185 | Member $150

Lash & Brow

Lash & Brow

Skin Care. Natural Beauty Woman. Model with Fresh Clean Skin Make up and Full Lips with Bi

Brow Lamination
Includes eyebrow shaping and tint

90 minutes


Beautiful woman with long eyelashes, beautiful make-up and thick eyebrows. Beautiful blue

Brow Tint

15 minutes


Female eye with long eyelashes. Classic eyelash extensions and light brown eyebrow close-u

Lash Tint

15 minutes


master combs the eyelashes of the client after the eyelash extension procedure. close-up.

Eyelash Extensions

Discover personalized eyelash extensions with Nicole for every style preference and lifestyle. From everyday, fuller lashes to striking special event drama, our options include classic, hybrid, full, and the captivating wet look. Tailored to your unique needs, each level of fullness enhances your natural beauty, ensuring you leave feeling confidently beautiful. Fills can be completed every 2-3 weeks. After 3 weeks, it is considered a new set.  

120-150 minutes

Timing dependent on desired fullness


Eyelash Extension Fill

60-120 minutes


Hair Removal


Hair Removal

Our esthetician's are highly skilled in both hard and soft wax hair removal,. In addition, Tara specializes in sugaring. Your esthetician will assess your hair growth during the consultation process to determine the most suitable removal method for you.



Prices starting at:

Eyebrow Shaping $30

Lip $15

Chin $20

Cheek $25

Nose $20

Full face (does not include brows) $60

Underarm $40

Half arm $45

Full arm $60

Full leg $95

Half leg $75

Bikini $60

Bikini extended $65

Brazilian $75

Chest $55

Half back $55

Full back $75

Abdomen $30

Cancellation policy

Please observe that we have a 24 hour cancellation policy and appointments cancelled within that time frame are subject to a cancellation fee equal to 100% of your total service. We require a credit card to reserve your appointment. By booking with us you acknowledge you have read our cancellation policy and authorize us to charge your card in the event that proper cancellation notice is not given. 


Tara Parenti

Facialist + Director of Esthetics Education


Reema Patel, MPA, PA-C

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Cathy Mori


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